200_Hari Eppanapally

Vice President | Philanthropist

Mr. Eppanapally is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist with a passion for education, healthcare and the environment. His lifelong mission has been to transform and establish a peaceful society for harmonious living.
With over 25 years of experience as a financial services professional, Mr. Eppanapally has been involved in directing and managing global technology initiatives including strategic planning, architecture, design, development and deployment. He is currently serving as a Vice-President of Global InfoTech division at Bank of New York Mellon.
Mr. Eppanapally is the founding Chairman of the Eppanapally Charitable Foundation (ECF) www.Eppanapally.org, with a mission to support organizations and people who are selflessly involved in serving society to instill human values and improve the lives of people educationally, morally and socially to establish a peaceful society for harmonious living. Through this family foundation, Mr. Eppanapally funded to rebuild the Government High School at which he studied, now named after him as ‘Harikishan Eppanapally Zilla Parishad High School”, he also built a High School for 500 Tribal children in rural India, built a community center with 1000 capacity, renovated two 12th and 14th Century temples, and provided scholarships and teaching aids to many deserving students and schools. The ECF also recognized several distinguished personalities with the “Eppanapally” award and with the “Shanti Sree” global peace honor.
Mr. Eppanapally is the founding board member and Vice-President of Financial Policy Council (FPC) www.FinancialPolicyCouncil.org. The FPC is a policy think tank whose mission is to formulate and promote sound fiscal policies based on the principles of free enterprise and wealth creation, to promote the ideas and principles of the American Founding Fathers. The primary focus is to bridge the gap between Wall Street, Main Street and Washington.