CEO | Entrepreneur | SBA Loan Specialist

After 20 years of seeing the world from inside of the Bank, Parag started EZ Funding Solutions LLC in 2013, an SBA Certified Project-Finance consulting company that brings a unique concept to the Small Business Lending System. EZ Funding Solution provides the much needed clarity in loan projects up-front, SBA-Certified Loan Structuring, Underwriting and Closing Due-Diligence.

Through their Consulting service they bring the following to every loan project: Eligibility, Risk Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Market Analysis, Business Planning, SBA Debt Structuring, Risk Mitigation, Underwriting, Project Presentation and Loan Closing Due Diligence.

The Advisory service is the educational aspect of EZFS. As advocates of the SBA, their objective is to educate the Business community in an attempt to remove the “unknowns” and “misconceptions” around SBA and introduce them to many creative aspects of the financing world. They accomplish this by interacting with the Community through seminars, blogs and articles published through the media.

The unique combination of their Experience, Certification, Authority and Banking Relationships is what enables them to ultimately help entrepreneurs get access to capital more systematically and efficiently.