It has been widely acknowledged across the technology industry that men vastly outnumber women in computer science professions. In fact, in 2015 only 25% of the computing workforce was represented by women. It’s time to raise awareness, meet successful women in the industry and discuss the future of Women in Technology.

Privacy & Big Data – Cyber Security is one of the most pressing issues facing businesses, consumers and governments. Our panel of experts will discuss trends and how to help safeguard your information.

Today’s marketing professionals are inundated with countless technologies and platforms which evolve at an incredible pace along with an overwhelming amount of data. However, the simple goal of reaching the right audience, at the right time with the right message to grow your business still remains the same. Our panel of experts explore how data, technology and software are applied to areas like CRM segmentation, search marketing, video, social marketing and data management platforms and more to guide you toward the most well informed and strategic marketing plans.

Business Development is more than prospecting, cold calling and making the sale.  Today the business has to be able to build relationships with people who they might not yet know they are in the market to buy. Business is right in giving importance to managing the Sales Pipeline.  However, businesses are still not yet sure how to manage the creation and maintenance of relationship building activity and how to measure it. SocialCRM is changing the face of Business Development.

Start Up Now: How to turn your idea into a business? Learn everything from creating a robust organization to funding and what resources are available to make New Jersey the perfect location for your next success.

“We all speak the same language, why is it so hard for us to work together?”  When the American and Indian staff don’t communicate well, budgets are blown, projects fail and partnerships are dissolved. We are “two cultures divided by a common language,” and this cultural difference often leads to operational problems.  Our Indian born founder – Ravi Bhatia – has seen this issue many times and is passionate about sharing a solution to this cultural gap.

In this 45 minute interactive workshop, we delve into the cultural differences between the two nations, we discuss why these differences exist, then we discuss some practical tips to help Indians and Americans work together.

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As a techie, you MUST be able to “sell” to your ideas directly to leadership.  Companies are getting leaner and flatter, and the managerial chain between the technical folks and the decision makers is getting shorter.  Prior to de-layering, technology professionals could count on supervisors and managers to serve as buffers and translators between them and executive management, so robust communication skill wasn’t a prerequisite to success.  You are now in direct line-of-sight to senior managers and the C-Suite.  It’s a problem if you can’t express yourself, and it’s a great opportunity for those who can.

In this 45 minute highly interactive workshop, we will use several real world examples to help you develop the skills and perspective to communicate with Director Level and C-Suite Level management.

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The future is here…Young Innovators are floating start-ups from colleges reimagining the future business and social models. What inspires them to become an entrepreneur? How do they see various business models evolving? What challenges they face? We can learn from them and may be even help them. These young innovators are increasingly becoming part of the entrepreneur ecosystem

This session will help young entrepreneurs and business owners better understand how to position themselves to achieve financial success and a comfortable retirement.  We will discuss the importance of finding and working with the right strategic partners.  We’ll also talk about ways for a successful business to cut its tax liabilities by as much as 25%!