Heather Reimels

Heather Reimels

Heather Reimels

CEO Hybrid Interactive

Heather Reimels is the CEO and co-founder of Hybrid Interactive (HI), a creative services agency designed for managers, directors, trainers and entrepreneurs who, while responsible for developing engaging, interactive and educational programs, just don’t know how to roll it all out.

As the firm’s business development director, Heather provides solutions utilizing creative communication technologies for companies seeking to train and retain staff, and for business leaders to grow their client or membership base.

Heather develops strategies within client ideas and sensitivities to create an advanced mixture of graphic design, video production, interactive development and other communication techniques to engage and invigorate employees, sales teams, members, or clients.

Starting out in local television, Heather got her hands around every piece of equipment, every script and worked every position like a good rookie should.

Eager to expand her arsenal of professional skills, Heather worked with several corporate communications companies, excelling at multi-media project management, formulating creative solutions, managing in-house creative teams and fostering a large network of external resources to help with project fulfillment.

She is proud to note that HI is WBENC certified. She is an active member of the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce Technology Committee, and has been awarded both an ITVA Silver Creativity & MIB Communicator Award for video production.