Why Attend ?
  • Being a Techie is Awesome! Get in touch with and celebrate your inner  Techie.
  • Experience The Power of Networking and Collaboration.
  • Meet & Learn from Leading Innovators, Technologists, Serial Entrepreneurs, Business Experts, Acclaimed Speakers and Trainers through our Panel Discussions, Seminars, Showcases and Expo.
  • Sneak Peak: Get a chance to see new products not yet on the market from inspiring Inventors and Technologists.
  • Embrace Innovation: Join the Growing Number who Embrace Innovation and be seen as an Innovator yourself.
  • Join In: Weigh in on discussions ranging from Cyber Security, Big Data, merging Technologies and More.
  • Emerging Tech: See the coolest products and technologies being developed in this year’s Showcase including our Start Up For Success Showcase!
  • Creating Opportunity: Learn about new Career Opportunities directly from the Entrepreneurs and Innovators who are creating tomorrow’s Jobs and redefining Career Paths.
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  • Exposure: Let the World Know How Amazing Your Product(s) and Service(s) Are!
  • Gain New Potential Customers, Investors, Staff, Partners and Knowledge. 57% of attendees at trade shows are planning a purchase within the next 12 months and 17% of total business-to-business sales take place on the show floor.
  • Test It Out81% of attendees go to see new products or technology.  Learn from really time feedback from Experts, Potential Customers and Investors.
  • Do You Have An Awesome Idea? If so, than be a part of our “Start Up for Success”. This two day competition offers a guaranteed prize of $2500 with up to $1 Million Dollar in Funding.
  • Learn From Leaders: Over 18 Panel Discussions and Seminars from Leading Innovators, Technologists, Serial Entrepreneurs, Business Experts, Acclaimed Speakers and Trainers.
  • Drive Forward: Innovation enables Economic Growth, Job Creation, New Markets, and Most Importantly Opportunity. Be a Part of an Event and Community which Supports You to do so. Capitalize on all the Expo has to offers for Attendees. Your Package includes it all at no Extra Cost to You!


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  • Showcase: 82% of Attendees Have Influence in a Buying Decision and 46% only attend one Expo or Trade Show Per Year! This is Your Chance To Showcase Your Business, Products, Services and People.
  • Promote Brand Image and Visibility : #1 Most Successful Marketing Objective Exhibitors Accomplish At An Expo. Followed by #2 Closing Sales and #3 Promoting Awareness of the Company and Capabilities.
  • Utilize Exclusive Services: 76% of attendees arrive with a specific agenda or need in mind. They know some of the companies and/or products they want to see. Get Ahead of the Pack & Utilize Exclusive Services For Sponsors: Digital, Social, E-Mail, & Print Marketing Exposure Is Included For All Sponsors. Plus Other Additional VIP perks!
  • Leadership: Driving Innovation and Growth is a part of being a Leader. Sponsorship provide Funding for Programs and Services to Drive Innovation, Economic Growth, Create Jobs and Opportunity.
  • Capitalize on all the Expo has to offers for Attendees and Exhibitors. Your Sponsorship Package includes it all at no Extra Cost to You!